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Facebook's standalone Events app arrives on Android at last

Now, Android users can more easily stalk their crushes.

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It's taken a bit more than two months, but Facebook has finally brought its standalone Events app to Android. Having debuted in October this year, Events lets you stalk see happenings that your friends are interested in attending, as well as affairs hosted by Pages you like and updates from parties you've already RSVPed to. You can also look for recommendations of upcoming things to do based on time, location and your interests.

Like the iOS version, Events for Android also lets you add your phone's calendar to see if you have any conflicts with what you'd like to attend. Unfortunately, Play Store reviews indicate that users aren't very pleased with the app's UI so far, saying it looks like a poor port from the version made for Apple devices. You might want to wait just a tad longer before relying on the new app to organize and suggest items for your calendar.

To be clear, you could already look up happenings from your browser or Facebook app, but this service makes it easier to find something to do that might be more relevant to your location or interests. The social network said Events already sees 450 million users worldwide, making it a very useful tool that harnesses its massive footprint to provide comprehensive listings. That utility and potentially vast audience could give Events a longer shelf life than Facebook's other short-lived standalone offerings.

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