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There's Shazam in my Snapchat

No, there's Snapchat in my Shazam.

Abracadabra! And just like that, there's Shazam in your Snapchat.

Snapchat users can now instantly figure out which songs are rudely interrupting their impromptu lunchtime video shoots without even leaving the selfie-taking app. Just hold down on the Snapchat camera screen while a song is playing nearby and Shazam will get to work, providing information about the artist, title, video and related songs. It's then possible to send the song as a Snap to a friend.

Or, you can send the song to a group of friends. Snapchat today rolled out Groups, a feature that allows users to chat with up to 16 of their friends at once. Of course, conversations disappear after 24 hours and you're only able to view (or listen to, apparently) individual group messages once.

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