Samsung's leaked Chromebook Plus is built for Android apps

Touchscreen ChromeOS devices could soon arrive in force.

Samsung is getting ready to release a convertible, stylus-equipped Chromebook, judging by an apparently accidental Best Buy listing. It bears a striking similarity to another leaked model, the 12.5-inch, 1080p ASUS Chromebook that appeared last month on Newegg. Samsung's device is reportedly called the Chromebook Plus, but there are no specs accompanying the images. However, we can see that it's a thin, all-metal laptop, probably in the 12- to 13-inch range, equipped with USB-C and an SD card reader.

With Android tablet sales down, Google has been working hard to make its Chrome OS more touch-friendly to better compete with convertibles like Microsoft's Surface and the iPad Pro. To do that, it's added Android app compatibility, a storage manager, and drawing capability to the Chromebook Keep app, suggesting the OS will become more productivity-oriented and stylus-friendly.

Yet another leak gave us a glimpse at a supposed Samsung Chromebook Pro, another Chrome OS model with a high-res screen. Hopefully, we'll get some solid news about the devices at Samsung's CES 2017 liveblog, which kicks off at 5PM EST. With Google de-emphasizing Android and pushing Chrome OS for future tablets and convertibles, expect to see offerings from other companies too.

Thanks, Jack!