Wacom's Intuos Pros bring its powerful stylus to pen tablets

If you like design peripherals without displays, these are for you.

Wacom has already equipped its Cintiq Pro pen displays and hybrid tablets with a more powerful stylus. Now, at CES, the company is bringing the Pro Pen 2 to its pen tablets. Wacom's latest stylus packs in over 8,000 levels of pressure sensitivity for more accurate response and a more natural feel. With the Intuos Pro, the design accessory sits on your desk and allows you to use the display setup you already have in place or easily connect to a laptop.

Like previous versions of Inutos pen tablets, the new Intuos Pro comes in two sizes with those handy programmable ExpressKeys, Touch Ring and multi-touch gestures to help streamline your workflow. The new model also connects to your computer via Bluetooth, so you don't have to add one more cable to your work space.

There's also an Intuos Pro Paper Edition that allows you to digitize a sketch on paper while you're drawing. That pen tablet comes with a clip and a special gel pen, the Wacom Finetip Pen, that won't mess up the pen tablet's touch-sensitive surface. With the help of Wacom's Inkspace app, artists no longer have to sketch and scan before refining a piece with design software. Captured drawings are stored inside the company's cloud service for safe keeping.

The Intuos Pro 2 will be available in medium and large sizes this month for $350/£330 and $500/£450, respectively. That Paper Edition adds real ink to the equation for an extra $50/£50 on each size ($400/£380 and $550/£500) and both of those will also be available in January.

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