Ron Jeremy predicts porn's ... present?

We're one step ahead of you, Ron.

Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

When I met porn superstar Ron Jeremy for the first time, he was driving a Saturn Ion and sporting a flip phone. He carried a cassingle for his 1996 rap collaboration "Freak of the Week" and talked excitedly about the 1980s like they were yesterday. Ron was living in the past, but that didn't stop him from predicting the future -- or something.

His vision isn't so far off from the one being pushed by futurists, analysts and the media. He sees big-budget porn making a comeback, VR-connected male masturbators and sex robots with holographic faces that allow you to choose your own bedroom adventure. Sex robots haven't completely materialized, but we're well on our way to anatomically correct automatons, and while our sex toys aren't tethered to our VR headsets, we've done that too. Oh, and Ron, didn't you spend more than ten years acting in and producing big-budget adult films?

Ron may be a few years late to the party, but a sex robot with an interchangeable holographic face? That we can get behind.

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