Never worry about leaving the stove top on ever again

Inirv React's smart knobs let you turn the gas off wherever you are.

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Never worry about leaving the stove top on ever again

The first time someone says "smart stove knobs," you instantly conclude that the technology industry needs an intervention. But while the Inirv React's concept seems gently ridiculous, the product itself makes you wonder why nobody thought of this before. Essentially, it's a series of powered dials that sit on your gas range, letting you turn them off remotely with your smartphone. Even more impressive, however, is that a nearby sensor can do it automatically if it senses heat, gas or that you've left the house.

Each knob is mechanically powered and will physically turn itself to the off position, making it ideal for any existing range. A unit packs a battery that's good for six months of life before you'll need to recharge it, as well as the sensor that's mounted close to your cooker like a smoke alarm. Inside, there's a motion detector (to sense if you're actually around) as well as a gas, smoke and heat sensor that will shut the range off. Own this and you'll never again have to worry about if you've left the gas on.

The company is currently crowdfunding the gadget on Kickstarter and early birds can snag the four units and a sensor for $239. If you wait until the campaign ends, it will wind up costing you $299, although that's still cheaper than the cost of burning your house down. Each sensor can take up to eight knobs at once, should you be lucky enough to have that big of a kitchen. The products should begin shipping by the end of the year.

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