JetBlue's Fly-Fi broadband is now free on all flights

The airline promises speeds of up to 20 Mbps at every seat.

Reuters/Lucas Jackson

JetBlue has finally made good on that promise to provide free WiFi on every flight. The airline announced today that every jet in its fleet is now equipped with JetBlue's Fly-Fi broadband, offering "gate-to-gate" high speed internet you can use even before the flight reaches cruising altitude.

Fly-Fi debuted in 2013 and JetBlue claims speeds of up to 20 Mbps per device. Even if speeds are slightly slower in practice, Fly-Fi promises to be leaps ahead of more expensive and slower options like the ubiquitous GoGo.

In addition to completely free internet throughout the fleet, JetBlue is also adding some more entertainment partners to its in-seat VOD system The Hub. JetBlue already had dozens of live DIRECTV channels plus on demand movies, but now passengers can get access to Amazon Prime's streaming video and music services while onboard. Of course, JetBlue and Amazon would both appreciate it if you spent a little extra cash as well, so the airline is offering rewards points if you shop on Amazon via their affiliate link.