Fox and Intel will offer a player's perspective during the Super Bowl

Using 360 replay tech, you can step on the field.
Billy Steele
B. Steele|01.12.17

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Fox and Intel will offer a player's perspective during the Super Bowl

Over the last year or so, Fox Sports has been keen on bringing the latest tech to its live broadcasts. When the network hosts Super Bowl LI in a few weeks, its plans to offer viewers a player's perspective without requiring the participants to wear cameras. Using Intel's 360 Replay technology that's already been employed in MLB and the NBA, Fox will "allow a moment to be recreated in 3D space" to show fans exactly what a player saw during a play. The network is calling it "Be the Player."

This likely means that if a quarterback throws an interception during the game, Fox will be able show you exactly what he saw rather than a bird's-eye view of the situation. The Intel 360 replay system uses an array of cameras situated around the stadium to create the on-field perspective with the help of "a huge bank of Intel computing power," according to Fox Sports SVP Michael Davies.

After employing drones and VR for live broadcasts, Fox teamed with GoPro to offer a referee's perspective during the Big 10 championship game. The network says the "Be the Player" perspectives will not only enhance viewing for fans, but it will give announcers a better look at exactly what happened. The visuals should allow us to see if a player's view was blocked and any alternate options from the field level. We don't have to wait until February 5th to see the system in action as you can watch a preview clip down below.

Fox Sports "Be the Player" Replay

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