Bragi's latest wireless earbuds are now available for $149

After a delay, the company's second "hearable" is shipping worldwide.

Bragi announced the follow-up to its feature-packed activity tracking Dash wireless earbuds back in September. That product, known as the Headphone, was slated to ship in November, but after a short delay it's now available to everyone. The new $149 set of wireless in-ear headphones don't carry the same tracking abilities and hand gestures as its $300 predecessor, but don't let the lack of smarts fool you. This more affordable model is still a solid set of wireless earbuds.

Bragi's Headphone is $10 cheaper than Apple's AirPods, which were also delayed before shipping in December. Bragi's audio accessory also doesn't require you to have something sticking out of your ear. The Headphone packs in on-board controls for adjusting volume, enabling audio transparency to hear the outside world, taking calls and triggering voice commands. As we discovered during the course of our review though, mashing those buttons means pushing the earbud into your ear. It can be uncomfortable at times.

With the Headphone, Bragi remedied the connectivity issues we experienced with the original Dash. The more affordable version didn't suffer any dropouts and, most importantly, the wireless in-ear headphones didn't lose connection with each other during our tests. The Headphone also has improved battery life of up to 6 hours before needing to recharge, thanks to the company nixing those smart features.

Now that earbuds without the tether are becoming more common, there are a number of options to choose from. Bragi's Headphones are certainly worth considering.