Hulu will let you download shows 'in a few months'

And you can get user profiles on mobile today.

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Hulu will let you download shows 'in a few months'

Hulu isn't going to let Netflix have show downloads all to itself. Company chief Mike Hopkins tells AdWeek that you'll have the option of downloading shows "in a few months." The online video service isn't talking details at this point, to no one's surprise, but that's largely because things are still in flux. It's still hashing out the technology, Hopkins says, and it needs to get licensing rights "squared away."

Downloads will be good news for both frequent travelers and anyone with a low mobile data cap. Whether or not it's truly compelling will depend on content providers, however. Remember how Netflix couldn't offer downloads for Disney-owned shows? Hulu is likely to offer downloads for its originals, but it may be a challenge to persuade conventional TV networks that it's worth having offline playback. Don't count on having a download button next to your favorite series.

If nothing else, you'll have something to try today. Hulu just expanded its support for user profiles to mobile users -- at least if you grab the iOS app (Android will likely have it soon, if not already), you won't have to share recommendations or content settings with others. As you might guess, this is a big deal for families -- you won't have to worry about your kids skewing your video history.

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