Tidal now has an editing tool for tempo and song length

Hey, at least Kanye can easily adjust tracks after his next album drops.

Tidal debuted its Masters feature which offers near studio-quality sound earlier this month. Now the streaming service is offering users a way to edit tracks. While playing a song in the Tidal app, you can change the length and speed with the new Track Edit feature from the options menu. To make any tempo adjustments, you will need to select a segment of a song before you can do so. The tool also allows you to make changes to how the song fades in/out.

Any songs that you edit can be saved to new or existing playlists so you can easily find them later. Unfortunately, that's really the only details at this point as Tidal hasn't revealed any more information about the feature. We reached out to the company for clarification on availability and more details, but we have yet to hear back.