A single image of the Nintendo Switch tells us three things

Multiple users, new games and UI themes.

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Nintendo has shown precious little of the Switch's user interface so far -- just a few seconds teasing the console's menu during last week's livestream and a fleeting glance during a Treehouse livestream. Apart from showing off the general layout and confirming the presence of the Nintendo eShop, Nintendo's tease didn't tell us much. Now, an image tweeted out by indie developer Nicalis tells us a lot more: The Switch may have multiple users, menu themes and even a couple of unannounced games.

The picture is strikingly different than other shots we've seen of the Nintendo Switch UI -- draping the bright, white menu theme shown in Nintendo's press conference with a darker theme. While it's likely this is just a simple "night mode" setting, it hints at the possibility that the Switch could have interchangeable 3DS-like menu themes. This shot of the UI also has a new feature: a change user button, suggesting the Switch is a more sharable device than Nintendo's current portable. Finally, the image reveals two popular Nicalis titles previously unannounced for the Switch: Cave Story and 1001 Spikes.

Despite the Tweet reading like a playful tease for Nicalis games, it was apparently a mistake: the developer deleted the Tweet and image within an hour. Either way, more games, better sharing features and a darker user interface are all things we can get behind. Here's hoping we'll have access to all of it when the console launches.

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