A closer look at Fujifilm's X-T20 and X100F compact cameras

Like the GFX 50S, these will also be available in February.

Fujifilm's first medium-format mirrorless, the GFX 50S, isn't the only camera the company is getting ready to launch. Yesterday, it also revealed the X-T20 and X100F, the latest additions to its X-series line of compact shooters. Even though the X-T20 is ostensibly a successor to the X-T10, it's actually more like an affordable version of the X-T2. Meanwhile, the X100F is geared toward fans of fixed-lens systems. Both feature new X-Trans sensors, classic retro designs and Fujifilm's trademark physical dials, which lets you easily adjust settings like exposure compensation and shutter speeds.

In the case of the X-T20, it comes with the same 24.3-megapixel APS-C sensor as the X-T2 (with faster autofocus), 4K video at up to 30fps and a 2.3-million-dot electronic viewfinder. Unlike its higher-end sibling, the X-T20 features a 3-inch touchscreen, allowing you to do things such as tap-to-focus and zoom in on your shots. The best part is that it costs way less than than the X-T2: $900 without a lens.

The X100F sports the aforementioned sensor as well, along with an improved 91-point autofocus system and a fixed 23mm f/2.0 lens. Fujifilm also upgraded the camera's hybrid viewfinder, offering up to 6x magnification and 60fps support. On paper, it seems to be the perfect camera for people who love Fujifilm's X100 series, including the X100S and X100T.

I had the chance to check them out at an event in New York City, albeit only for a few minutes. The X-T20 feels very similar to the X-T2 and X-T10 when you're shooting with it, and you can definitely tell the autofocus is as speedy as Fujifilm promises. Meanwhile, the X100F is much lighter than the X-T20, thanks in large part to that 23mm pancake glass. For context, the X-T20 demo unit was paired with a 50mm Fujinon lens.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to take my own sample images, but we'll have more on the X-T20 and X100F before they hit stores next month.