Shia LaBeouf starts a 4-year livestream to protest Trump

Jaden Smith is also involved in the ambitious art project.

If you were determined to make a political protest through art, and had the luxuries of both fame and modern technology, what would you do? For Shia LaBeouf, it's simple: start an ambitious livestreaming project. The actor (along with Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner) just launched He Will Not Divide Us, a project outside New York City's Museum of the Moving Image that will protest Donald Trump by livestreaming public voices for the next 4 years. (Clearly, Shia's not banking on Trump getting a second term.) You're encouraged to recite the project's namesake phrase in a show of solidarity and resistance. It's getting an extra celebrity endorsement thanks to Jaden Smith, who has participated in some of the early streaming.

It's not LaBeouf's first time with long-running art experiments, or even long internet streams. He once ran a 72-hour screening of his movies in a New York theater, hitchhiked around the country using tweeted GPS coordinates and livestreamed an all-day elevator ride.

A 4-year stream is another matter entirely, however, and it's easy to see potential problems. How long will the camera and its wall remain untouched by vandals, for instance? And while the project is getting a lot of attention on inauguration weekend, will it get more than occasional shouts in the years ahead? It's an interesting approach to participatory artwork -- we just wouldn't count on it being a massive success.

[Thanks, Kristy]