'Superhot VR' is about to get much more challenging

The Forever update adds modes that will test even the most dedicated fans.

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Superhot VR is an immersive, intense take on an already fun game, but there's no question that it's short when you can run out of things to do in just a few hours. Never fear, though: the creators are preparing the Forever update, which promises a number of good reasons to keep coming back to the Oculus Touch shooter. You can try to beat your best scores in both the usual bullet time mode as well as real time, and face opponents with quicker reflexes. You'll also find a few challenges that ramp up the difficulty if the very act of dodging bullets isn't enough for you.

Superhot VR

Some of them are straightforward, such as having to land headshots to kill enemies or completing the game using only melee combat. However, there's at least one over-the-top mode: if you're up for it, you can try to finish the entire game in 10 minutes. You're going to have to be both fast and a crack shot to have a hope of making that one. The Forever update should be available in February, so you'll at least have some time to practice.

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