Facebook Slideshows are slowly rolling out on Android

You'll need to use the app to make one, of course.

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Timothy J. Seppala
January 26th, 2017
Facebook Slideshows are slowly rolling out on Android

Last June Facebook launched the Google-Photos-like Slideshow feature on iOS and now the social network is ready to spread the love. Android Police reports that the feature is in a slow rollout, so you might not be able to upload photos into a mini-movie of sorts yourself just yet. To see if you have it, make a new status update within the app and hit the "Slideshow" button. It's denoted with an orange movie camera should reside between the "feeling/activity" and "tag friends" options. And that's about it. Jealous that you still might not have it? Well, you could always draft a colorful status update to express your discontent.

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