Airbnb wants to house 100,000 displaced people in five years

The company's efforts will reach people who weren't necessarily affected by Trump's immigration ban.

OhmZ via Getty Images

Airbnb was one of several tech companies to take a firm stance against Trump's immigration ban last weekend, but the company has since expanded its assistance beyond just those affected at American borders. In a blog post titled #weaccept, Airbnb's founders outlined a goal to provide short-term housing for 100,000 displaced people in the next five years. It will start with refugees, disaster survivors and relief workers, and has pledged to contribute $4 million over four years to the International Rescue Committee.

The company is not only looking to its community of hosts to open up their homes to those in need, but also for them to help make displaced people feel "connected, respected and part of a community again." At the same time, Airbnb acknowledged its own challenges with discrimination faced by its guests and said it is "dedicated to achieving greater acceptance in our community."

The blog post isn't clear on how the company plans to reach out to displaced people who need accommodations, but it does offer a link for users to volunteer their homes or spaces to those affected by natural disasters or "war, government policy or economic disaster." You can also suggest a cause that you believe would benefit from temporary housing.