Korean watchdog backs Samsung's findings on faulty Note 7 batteries

The safety agency confirmed that the phone overheated due to manufacturing flaws.

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Getty Images

Although Samsung has already revealed what caused its Note 7 smartphones to catch fire, an independent government firm is now confirming the tech giant's findings. The Korean Agency for Technology and Standards, which analyzes and enforces product safety, corroborated that Samsung's flagship device burst into flames because of two distinct battery flaws. One overheating issue was a result of small external casings putting too much pressure on the batteries, while the other happened due to the lack of insulation tape around the battery's structure.

The safety agency didn't announce any penalties for Samsung, presumably because the company was honest about its own research on the matter. It's rumored that Samsung will be switching to LG-made batteries for future devices, so it'll be interesting to see if that's the case for the upcoming Galaxy S8.

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