LG wins $168 million lawsuit against knockoff headphone makers

The company says it'll keep up the fight.

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Pacific Press via Getty Images
Pacific Press via Getty Images
Last year LG filed a $200 million lawsuit against companies producing counterfeit versions of its wraparound Tone headsets. Now, the presiding judge has spoken. While the amount the company was awarded wasn't as high as it asked for, $168 million for damages plus court costs and interest, isn't anything to sneeze at.

"With this ruling, along with other judgments against various other defendants, LG has successfully slammed shut a sizable portion of counterfeits and knockoffs" sold in the US, it said in a statement.

In 2016 (PDF), LG claimed that shoppers were being "duped" by knockoff headsets and also said it was going after liquidators for selling damaged units as new. Litigation measures against the latter will be increased too, it says. What's more, "those who choose to make and peddle counterfeits, knockoffs and look-alikes can expect aggressive legal action."

Fugazi hucksters? LG has your number.

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