Samsung will showcase C-Lab's AR and VR projects at MWC

They all use AR and VR to make lives a bit easier.

Samsung (screenshot)

Samsung will exhibit four new augmented and virtual reality projects out of the C-Lab program at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. C-Lab or Creative Lab is the chaebol's in-house initiative that gives employees time off to work on their most innovative ideas. For instance, the first of the four exhibits is Relúmĭno -- a visual aid app for the Gear VR that can help visually impaired people watch TV and read again "with new levels of clarity." The app does that by enhancing visuals, repositioning images to get rid of blind spots and correcting images that appear distorted for people with metamorphopsia.

The next exhibit is called Monitorless, which is a pair of ordinary-looking glasses that can replace PC and smartphone monitors that you can see in the image above. You can access work applications on them, but you can also use them for gaming. If you want to be as immersed as possible, you can use the virtual reality mode. But you can switch to augmented reality mode if you want to see your app or game superimposed on the environment.

Samsung will also be exhibiting VuildUs, a home furnishing solution composed of an app and a 360-degree depth camera. To use the solution, you'll have to scan your home with the camera to create a VR version of it. Once you're done, you can decorate your virtual home with various digital furniture through the app. It removes the need to measure space in your house before buying, and you can even make purchases within the app itself.

Finally, the company will be showcasing a 360-degree video platform for virtual travelers aptly called traVRer. Similar to Google Street View and Matterport, traVRer gives you a way to visit tourist spots and famous places without having to leave home. All four will be displayed at a platform for startup businesses at the event, together with other projects that have the potential to be released to the public in a few years.

Samsung Creativity & Innovation Center VP Lee Jae Il says:

"These latest examples of C-Lab projects are a reminder that we have some talented entrepreneurial people who are unafraid to break new ground. We're looking forward to further exploring novel applications for VR and 360-degree video because there are endless possibilities in this area."