The Galaxy S8 launches March 29th in New York

Give us phones, not tablets.

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Mat Smith
February 26th, 2017
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As expected, we didn't get a Galaxy S8 reveal. Samsung's MWC showcase centered around a whole lot of tablets and other devices. However, the company did confirm one thing: that March 29 launch rumor is true -- and it'll all go down in New York. Then, like clockwork, an invite to the event hit our inboxes.

What do we know about the Galaxy S8 so far? A few things. You can expect a new AI voice assistant, an edge-to-edge display (or at least the option of one), as well as a virtual home button instead of a physical one, baked under the display. Oh, and we may have already seen one in the wild already. Still there's a whole month left for someone to leak yet more specifications.

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