Vizio's new entry-level 4K TVs make HDR accessible

They also have giant screens you don't always see in this class.


Vizio's higher-priced HDR-capable TVs aren't exactly pricey, but you now have some truly low-cost options if you're just looking for the basics. The company has launched its 2017 E-Series line, and the emphasis this time is on making high dynamic range video accessible to many more people. As long as you buy a 55-inch set or larger, you're getting both 4K and HDR -- not bad when that means paying as little as $550. While you aren't going to get the best HDR compatibility or visual quality (no Dolby Vision HDR or quantum dots here), you at least won't have to pay a premium to see what the fuss is about.

This is also your chance at getting a very large Vizio set without paying as much as you might expect, as the E-Series now includes 75-inch and 80-inch models. While we'd say the $3,400 price of the 80-inch set is a bit excessive, the $2,000 you'll pay for the 75-inch set might hit the sweet spot if you want a gigantic picture at a semi-reasonable price.

All of the new sets have Chromecast support built-in, including Google Home integration if you have the smart speaker. The 75- and 80-inch sets are available now, and the rest of the line shouldn't be far behind. The biggest dilemma may be deciding whether or not to forgive Vizio for its recent privacy issues.