Facebook's video app lands on Apple TV

You no longer need a specific TV to watch video from your social feed.


You no longer need to own a brand new Samsung TV to use Facebook's video streaming app. Facebook Video has launched on the 4th-generation Apple TV, giving many more people an opportunity to watch social clips on the big screen. The interface clearly encourages you to sit back and relax -- it's divided into sections that automatically play videos back to back, such as those shared by your friends, recommended videos and live streams.

The app is also poised to come to Amazon's Fire TV, Chromecast and other devices, so don't fret if you don't live in Apple's ecosystem. However, you may have to get used to ads. The current experience is blissfully ad-free, but you may well see mid-roll promos in the future as Facebook makes a push toward longer, higher-quality (and thus more profitable) videos. And the app could be particularly important for Facebook's live video ambitions now that it's hoping to broadcast sports and other content that benefits from TV-sized viewing. In short, this could just be the start of something much bigger.