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The Morning After: Thursday, March 2 2017

Nintendo Switch review.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

The Nintendo Switch goes on sale tomorrow, but our review of the dockable console is here today. Plus: a price drop for Oculus Rift and a status update on Windows phones.

Revolutionary, but it still needs workNintendo Switch review

It's time to find out how the newest Nintendo console stacks up, and Devindra Hardawar came up with plenty of positives. With the Switch, Nintendo fixed its big mistakes from the Wii U and doubled down on that system's best feature by making the entire thing a playable mobile device. There are some issues, including the extra cost for accessories like a Grip Charge for its controllers or the $70 Pro controller gamepad.

Two and a half hours of battery life playing Zelda means gamers on the go could be looking for an extra battery pack too. Still, the Switch brings Nintendo's flair for innovation, and we're expecting a steady flow of indie titles for you to play once the launch games get a bit stale.

Living TilesThe hunt for Windows Phone

Microsoft says it's still committed to Windows phones, so it should be easy to find one at the world's largest mobile event right? This is the idea that sent Mat Smith on the search for Windows Phone at MWC 2017, but what he found probably won't surprise you

Say hello to Season 4'Overwatch' adds a server browser

Blizzard continues to tweak Overwatch and now its online shooter has a server browser on all platforms. That means players can create (or find) almost any game type they can imagine, instead of just sticking to ones the developers pick. It's also time for the competitive bracket's fourth season, with some new play tweaks and changes to make tanking to the bottom a less attractive option.

O.T. Genasis approvesThe Oculus Rift headset and Touch controller each get a $100 price drop

If you've been considering a VR upgrade, now could be the time. Oculus announced during GDC 2017 that it's dropping prices. The Rift headset now sells for $499, while the Touch controllers are down to $99. Extra sensors are cheaper too, dropping $20 to $59. After a year on the market, it's about time for a price cut, and recent buyers (within the last 30 days) can check in for a $50 credit.

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