Hyperloop One offers a proper glimpse at its Nevada test site

Its ultra-fast transportation is slowly making progress.

Hyperloop One has been showing off bits and pieces of its high-speed tube transport system over the past several months, but now it's ready to show something more complete. The company has offered a fuller look at its in-progress Nevada test tube, the DevLoop, and... it's a long tube. Really, though, this shows that the 1,640ft-long project is progressing and should be ready for its first public trial. However, you might be waiting a little longer than expected to see it in action.

The company now says that its public test kicks off in the first half of 2017, not the first quarter of the year as previously mentioned. That's not a gigantic delay, but it hints that Hyperloop One's vision of fast transport is still a ways off. However, the very fact that DevLoop is approaching completion is a good sign -- it shows that Hyperloop One is one step closer to ditching its endless concept images and making a system you can actually use.