Final 'Destiny' add-on revives old raids on March 28th

‘Age of Triumph’ will re-release old raids at the current maximum difficulty.

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David Lumb
March 8th, 2017

At the end of this month, Bungie will release the last extra content for its shooter MMO Destiny before it moves on to the game's sequel. In a livestream today, the studio's developers and community manager Deej outlined what's coming for players in Age of Triumph: A return to old raids that have been boosted to the current max Light level. Guardians, get ready. Your free "victory lap" re-experiencing legacy content from the first three years of Destiny launches Tuesday, March 28th.

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Classic raids from vanilla Destiny and the expansions The Dark Below, The Taken King and Rise of Iron will all be revamped and have a 390 Light Level requirement for entry, so get ready to plumb the depths of Vault of Glass one last time. Finishing these earns players recognition in a brand-new Record Book tracking achievements from across Destiny's history (including one for you braggarts who boast about playing since day one). For completing all of them folks will get permission to buy an Age Of Triumph-themed T-shirt from Bungie's online store so they can flaunt their in-game prowess in meatspace.

Bungie deigned not to satisfy fan cravings to raise the Light Level above 400, noting that it would exclude players who haven't even made it to the current cap. Sure, it's less work for the studio than re-balancing the existing meta while they're working on the game's sequel, which was originally slated to launch later this year. But Age of Triumph is a free event, so thank your Guardian-lords that the studio isn't just hyping the sequel and leaving the community out to dry, especially given their assurance in this livestream that they'd be keeping the original game live for some time.

The studio will reveal more about the game's last content block in another livestream (two of which will be released in the weeks leading up to Age of Triumph's launch). Just keep in mind that the Record Book achievements will likely be the only things from AoT that you'll be able to carry over into the sequel, as Bungie announced all items and power won't transfer with your character to Destiny 2.

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