58 tech companies file amicus brief against revised travel ban

Evernote, Airbnb, EA and Lyft are among the signatories.

Hugh Gentry / Reuters

Nearly 60 tech companies have submitted an amicus curiae brief to a Hawaii district court on Wednesday, denouncing the Trump administration's revised travel ban, which is scheduled to go into effect on tomorrow.

As with the the previous travel ban, these companies are seeking an immediate injunction arguing that the executive order "would inflict significant and irreparable harm on U.S. businesses and their employees." The revised ban would temporarily bar citizens from six predominantly Muslim nations from entering the country and reduce the number of refugees that the US accepts annually to just 50,000, less than half the number normally accepted.

Curiously, this brief does not enjoy the same broad support as the original, which garnered 127 signatories in all. Plus, a number of major players like Google, Apple, Netflix and Spotify who signed the first amicus brief in response to the original ban are missing from this new court filing.

Tech Companies' Amicus Brief by molliereilly on Scribd