Cancelled '90s arcade fighter 'Primal Rage II' released online

Over 20 years later you can finally play the long lost dino-brawler.

Primal Rage II

Forget Tekken 7, 2017's hottest new fighting game has just arrived - only it's 22 years later than originally expected. After being cancelled in 1995, Kotaku reports that Atari's long-lost Primal Rage II has found its way onto the internet. Downloading an emulator will allow 90's fighting fans to dive straight into a competent build of the ill-fated beat 'em up. While some menus are still incomplete and it has its fair share of bugs, players will find that the dino-brawling itself works.

For the uninitiated, Primal Rage made a name for itself in the '90s thanks to its cutting-edge stop motion animation. The prehistoric fighter soon found it's way onto almost every home gaming console available at the time, prompting the announcement of a sequel. Just a year into development, however, Atari's financial troubles gave them cold feet, causing the company to pull the plug on Primal Rage II.

This isn't the first time a canned gaming project has appeared online. With video games often costing huge amounts of money to produce, it's no surprise that countless brilliant concepts have fallen by the wayside over the years. Thanks to the ease of communication afforded by the internet, however, not all canceled titles are doomed to the scrapheap of history. Now, let's see more of that promising looking Star Wars 1313 please, LucasArts.