Netflix thinks people still like Adam Sandler movies

The first in another four-movie deal debuts April 14th.

Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

Adam Sandler's recent output has been... well, it's probably best not to talk about it. Regardless of how you feel about his work, Netflix and its viewers seem to be fans and as such the streaming juggernaut has inked another four-movie deal with the Saturday Night Live alum. His next Netflix flick, romantic comedy Sandy Wexler, debuts April 14th starring Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson, and Sandler's usual suspects: Kevin James, Terry Crews, Nick Swardson and Rob Schneider among others.

Netflix says it's set in '90s Los Angeles, but aside from that, details are scarce. Same goes for anything regarding the other three movies. But, maybe that lack of information is a good thing. Who knows, Sandler could surprise the cynics with another Punch-Drunk Love, Reign Over Me or Funny People. Stranger things have happened -- especially on Netflix.

Update: If you're looking for more information on Sandy Wexler, the IMDB page is a good source, or you could just check out the trailer below.