Microsoft opens up its Windows Insider preview for Business

Whether you work in IT or just have a work laptop, now you can easily join the beta.

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Lucas Jackson / Reuters
Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Since Microsoft launched its Insider Program a few years ago, millions of people have signed up to test out upcoming versions of Windows 10 on their devices. One small issue, however, was a limitation forcing users to sign up with their personal accounts, even though many users either work in IT or have business laptops/software they need to test out. Now, following up on an announcement from February, Microsoft has opened up the Windows Insider for Business program, so people can sign in with an Azure Active Directory account (the used for stuff like Office 365).

You will need admin rights on your machine to start testing out preview builds, so look out for that. Still, since the point of this program is to find any incompatibilities or issues before a wide release, getting permission and access may not be that hard. Microsoft says more tools for businesses are on the way -- a necessary thing if it wants corporate environments to pick up the pace on upgrades from older versions of its operating system.

Oh, and even if you're not a business user, there's a new Preview build available to test -- Redstone 3 awaits this fall -- while most folks wait (or, don't wait) for Windows 10 Creators Update to start rolling out on April 11th.

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