PlayStation Vue gets an expensive, dedicated eSports channel

But you'll have to pay a hefty sub to watch it.


ESL is bringing its live competitive gaming channel, eSports TV, to PlayStation Vue. For the uninitiated, PlayStation Vue is Sony's internet-based TV streaming app, offering viewers cable-like online TV packages. As the world's largest eSports company, ESL's new channel aims to broaden competitive gaming's appeal by giving gamers access to 24/7 eSports content in the U.S. Since launching in Europe last May, eSports TV has quickly gained a following, finding its way into an impressive 5 million EU households. Unfortunately for eSports fans, the channel is only available with a $54.99 a month PlayStation Vue Elite subscription.

While 5 million EU households sounds impressive, it's just a drop in the ocean compared to overall eSport viewing figures. According to Activate, competitive gaming's audience is only going to grow, with the company predicting that eSports will exceed 10 percent of all US sports viewing figures by 2020. This means in three years there could be more people watching the League of Legends finals than the biggest MLB, NBA and NHL games. Take that, outdoor sports fans.

Yet, with US viewers only able to access eSports TV if they choose to pay Vue's hefty subscription fee, it seems unlikely to entice many existing Twitch users. With huge gaming events being broadcasted on the likes of YouTube and Twitch without costing a penny, eSports TV on PS Vue could prove to be a tough sell for many fans. ESL hasn't confirmed a date for the channel's arrival on Sony's streaming platform.