Google Home can track flight prices for you

"OK Google, how much are flights to San Francisco?"

Chris Velazco/AOL

The big knock against Google Home when it launched was simply that it didn't do as much as Amazon's Echo. But Google has been busy adding more features to Home and generally trying to make the speaker even smarter. Today's addition is one for travelers -- you can now ask Google Home to give you info on flight pricing, and it'll start tracking that travel route for you so you can try and get the best deal.

You can now ask Google Home to give you pricing for flights to and from any cities you want, and it'll respond telling you what the prices look like for two weeks out. It'll then ask if you have specific dates in mind. If you say yes and tell it when you're thinking of traveling, you'll get an updated price. Google will also then start tracking that route via Google Flights, and you'll get email notifications if the price goes up or down.

I do most of my travel planning while at a computer, but if you're just lounging around and want to get a quick idea of how much your next vacation will cost, this isn't a bad feature to play around with. At the very least, it's a lot more useful than a movie or hamburger ad. It's live now on Google Home.