GM's self-driving car operation in San Francisco will keep growing

Like its competitors, GM has big plans for autonomous vehicles and is putting a lot of money into them.

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Every carmaker is pushing to develop autonomous vehicles, and GM is no different. Despite having tech rated in second place by Navigant Research and the announcement of a Super Cruise-equipped Cadillac on the way, the company will do more. Bloomberg reporter Dana Hull tweeted the link to a California tax credit filing (saving GM $8 million) showing that the company plans to take its San Francisco operations from 485 employees last year to 1,648 by 2021. That office is home to Cruise Automation, a startup it acquired last year for $1 billion that had previously built self-driving kits for the Audi S4 and A4.

In a statement provided to Axios, GM said its team and test fleet will grow to continue developing the safety-enhancing technology. Along with others like Uber and Waymo /Google it appears GM will be testing autonomous cars on the West Coast over the next few years while it perfects the technology.