The new CIA head hates WikiLeaks (when convenient)

Mike Pompeo now calls Julian Assange a puppet of Russian intelligence.

Getty Images

The new director of the CIA has come out swinging against WikiLeaks, calling the organization a "hostile intelligence service." In his first public speech, Mike Pompeo called Julian Assange a "narcissist who has created nothing of value," adding that he "relied upon the dirty work of others to make himself famous."

Pompeo went on to slam the site, saying that it was "often abetted by state actors, like Russia," with the end goal of destroying "Western values." At the same speech, the official repeated the accusation that Russian military intelligence, the GRU, helped tilt the result of the 2016 presidential election.

The tone of the speech is far removed from how Donald Trump himself refers to Wikileaks, which he often praised while on the campaign trail. The leaking organization is less popular these days after publishing a huge treasure trove of material on the CIA and openly considering a doxxing database for Twitter users.

Pompeo's tone, however, has changed significantly compared to July 24th, 2016, when he tweeted a report of WikiLeaks' hack of the DNC, claiming it as proof of a "fix." At his confirmation hearing in January, he then claimed that he never believed WikiLeaks was a "credible source of information."