Tumblr's Cabana app lets friends watch video along with you

Unfortunately, it's only available for iOS users in the US for now.

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Tumblr has released a new standalone app called Cabana, where you can hang out with your friends through video chat and force them to watch cute animal videos. It's far from a being a new concept: Google already did it with YouTube party mode for Hangouts and Uptime. A simple search for "watch videos together" will bring up a lengthy list of choices, as well -- there's even an in-app option for Apple's iMessage. Still, the company says the prototype was a hit among teens aged 13 to 18 during their tests. If you're partial to Tumblr and you're looking for a virtual party app anyway, Cabana might be worth a shot.

The app can accommodate up to six people, all of whom will have the power to pause and change what the group is watching. You'll even have a ton of videos to choose from, since it comes with YouTube integration at launch. Cabana pulls your friends' details from both Tumblr and your contacts list, so you can invite anybody you want...unless they're outside the US. The app is only available in the country for now and only for iOS devices. The social network didn't say if and when it'll be available in other locations, but it'll at least release an app for Android devices in May.

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