'Danger Zone' turns the best part of 'Burnout' into a full game

It's basically 'Crash Mode: The Game' as made by former 'Burnout' developers.

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Three Fields Entertainment
Three Fields Entertainment

It's been nine long years since we had a proper Burnout game. But when Paradise launched back in 2008 it didn't come with the franchise's trademark Crash Mode, the arcadey feature that tasked players with hurtling themselves through an intersection to cause as big of a car accident as possible. That debuted in 2002's Point of Impact, returning in Takedown in 2004 and Revenge a year later before it was scrapped for an inferior clone in Paradise. Well, today there's some good news: the latest project from former Burnout developers is Danger Zone, a game that sounds an awful lot like Crash Mode: The Game.

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It also sounds a lot like studio Three Fields Entertainment's last project, Dangerous Golf. But here you're bouncing cars around a test facility and trying to cause as much destruction as possible, versus wreaking havoc on gas stations and kitchens with a chipping wedge and Golf's firebomb golf balls.

"Players are challenged to drive into the junction and create the biggest First Impact that causes enough vehicles to crash to earn a 'Smash Breaker,' turning their car into a bomb that can explode on command," the press release says. Like Crash Mode from days of yore, you score for how much you crash. The modern twist here, though, is that the online leaderboards should keep you chasing the internet's high scores for quite awhile.

Best of all, we don't have to wait long for this and it won't cost all that much, either. The game arrives next month on Steam and PlayStation 4 for $12.99.

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