Amazon's next comedy series stars Danny DeVito and Jeff Goldblum

The series underscores Amazon's increasing star power.

John Appleyard/Newspix/Getty Images

In case it wasn't already clear that Amazon is capable of attracting serious stars, it is now. Variety understands that the internet giant is developing a comedy series that stars Danny DeVito and Jeff Goldblum as an antagonistic music duo forced to get back together. It's The Odd Couple with guitars, really. The behind-the-camera talent is important, too. The Simpsons' Tim Long will be the series' creator, while Brian Grazer (of A Beautiful Mind fame) takes the role of executive producer.

There's no word on a tentative name, let alone a release date. Even so, this is bound to be one of Amazon's higher-profile streaming video projects. The company is no stranger to attracting familiar talent (such as Malcolm McDowell or Jeffrey Tambor), but it'll be hard to ignore a show revolving around two actors who are practically household names. Also, it's evident that the stakes are growing ever higher in the streaming world. Between this and Netflix's Brad Pitt movie, internet video services are increasingly willing to pay whatever it takes to outshine the competition.