Netflix teases its Brad Pitt film 'War Machine'

Tilda Swinton and other stars also show up in this satire.

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If it wasn't already clear that Netflix has enough clout to get the biggest names in entertainment, it is now. The streaming service has posted its first teaser for War Machine, a satire of the war in Afghanistan starring a slew of major actors including Brad Pitt (whose company Plan B is involved), Tilda Swinton, Topher Grace, Anthony Michael Hall and Keith Stanfield. The clip offers a good hint as to what to expect from the movie: General McMahon (Pitt) has to fight the war while grappling with the government, the press and the gritty realities of battle.

The movie arrives on May 26th, or well after its originally hoped-for 2016 debut. However, it's still a coup for Netflix, which also tapped Plan B for The OA and Okja. The company is no stranger to offering well-received movies and even scored an Oscar for its The White Helmets documentary, but projects like War Machine take that ambition to a new level. It's now offering exclusives that compete directly with the top-tier movies you'd see in a theater, and might just be in the running for the most prestigious awards.

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