Google is still adding basic chat features to Allo

We're talking encrypted group conversations and link previews. Seriously.

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Slowly, Google is bringing its Allo chat app's basic functionality up to speed with the likes of iMessage and Telegram. The application's latest update adds the encrypted incognito mode to group chats (previously it was only available in one-on-one conversations). As Droid Life notes, you can even set an expiration timer for when your conversation goes out of incognito mode. Then there are link previews, which many other chat apps have had for awhile now. But hey, having Assistant in your chats from the get-go was impressive, right?

And I'd be remiss for passing over the backup and restore feature for chats, which, as the name suggests, enables you to save and resurface conversations. Now we just have to wait to see if Google will sacrifice Allo in a blood ritual at I/O this month before announcing another chat app. It's kind of the company's thing.

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