Twitch's workshops will teach streamers how to be better hosts

It's a way that the company is addressing broadcaster burn-out.

Timothy J. Seppala/AOL

Streaming on Twitch might look easy, but it really isn't. Between the various technical hoops you have to jump through (oh hi, OBS) and the pressure of people watching your every move -- or, on the flip-side, streaming to an audience of zero people -- you also need to be entertaining. In that spirit, the next way Twitch is investing in its community is with workshops that aim to help folks get better at hosting and interviewing. It's a little like what YouTube has done before with its Creator Spaces.

This July, Amazon's billion dollar baby is inviting "established and aspiring" broadcasters to San Francisco for training and to "help level up the hosting prowess and hireability" for folks on the platform. That last bit is key: Twitch knows that burnout is a problem for streamers who feel the need to broadcast nonstop to grow their following.

By helping its broadcasters hone skills needed to get hired for lucrative hosting gigs, Twitch is addressing burn-out head on while also providing the resources needed to build a career outside of streaming. Other details like exactly when this takes place, how many folks can attend and if they'll have to pay their own way to San Francisco aren't available at the moment, but more information will be sent out via the Twitch Studios Twitter account.