Let's hope this isn't Amazon's touchscreen Echo

Maybe it'll look better in person.


Rumor has it Amazon is about to introduce a touchscreen version of its Echo speaker. Bloomberg was the first to report about this last November, although no images of the purported device were shared back then. But today, thanks to AFTVnews, we may be getting an idea of what Amazon has been working on. The original gossip suggested the new Echo would come with a 7-inch touchscreen, and this leaked photo certainly fits the bill. You'll also notice what appears to be a front-facing camera above the display, which makes you wonder whether Amazon could port over some of the fashion features from the Echo Look.

Meanwhile, the speaker grill looks to be right underneath the touchscreen, and there's probably a microphone somewhere around there as well. It's not the best-looking Amazon hardware by any means, unless you're into things that look like a shrunken big-screen TV from the 1990s. But that's assuming this is even the final product, of course. Our friends over at AFTVnews do have a good track record on Amazon leaks, however, since they were the ones who knew the Look existed weeks before it was official.

If this is the touchscreen Echo, let's just hope it looks better in person. Or, at the very least, in higher-resolution renders.

Update: Ask and you shall receive, as Evan Blass has surfaced higher-res pictures of the device in both black and white.