'Blade Runner 2049' trailer teases the replicant dilemma

Seems we might get an answer to the original film's most dogged question about Rick Deckard's identity.

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If you're still debating whether a Blade Runner sequel was a good idea, you might want to see it anyway. Unlike the teaser we got back in December, Blade Runner 2049's first real trailer has more than vanity footage of Rick Deckard's return. Though it's edited to suggest Ryan Gosling's android hunter is about to ask the veteran Blade Runner the series' most haunting question, we'll have to wait until the film premieres on October 6th to see whether Harrison Ford was a robot all along.

The trailer opens heavy on the nostalgia, leaning on Vangelis' synth tones from the original film's iconic score. We also get juicy camera pans around a rainy, neon-soaked city before some familiar androids-as-slave-labor/master-creator dialogue sets up Ryan Gosling, apparent Blade Runner of the new generation, and his search for old Deckard. There's a lot of imagery to chew through while we wait to see if director Denis Villenueve (Arrival) pulls off a miracle following up on arguably the top science fiction film of all time.

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