HP and Intel are building Cortana-powered devices

Step aside, Alexa.

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Engadget / Cherlynn Low
Engadget / Cherlynn Low

HP and Intel are both working on connected-home devices that run on Microsoft's Cortana platform. Microsoft announced the devices as part of its Build 2017 conference this morning, but didn't provide details about form, function or release window.

The gadgets from HP and Intel follow this week's announcement of Invoke (GIF below), the first-ever third-party Cortana device. The connected speaker comes from Harman Kardon and it can "favorite music, manage calendars and activities, set reminders, check traffic, deliver the latest news and much more."

The Invoke and other Cortana-run devices will encroach on a hot IoT market currently dominated by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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In another move meant to bolster Microsoft's entrance in the connected-home game, the Cortana Skills Kit is now live in public preview in the US. This allows developers to create Cortana-powered apps and programs across Android, iOS, Windows 10 and the Invoke.

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HP and Intel are building Cortana-powered devices