Pluto TV adds 'ALF' and other classics to its free streaming library

A deal with Lionsgate, MGM and others brings video-on-demand to the service.

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Pluto TV
Pluto TV

Last we'd heard of Pluto TV, the ad-supported streaming service had just gotten a slew of shows from Hulu. Now Pluto is adding video-on-demand in the form of movies and TV shows from Lionsgate, MGM and Warner Bros. to complement its current programming according to Variety. Expected titles include the full run of ALF (seriously) in addition to the quirky Ryan Gosling movie Lars and the Real Girl among "thousands" of others. Pluto signed the deals earlier this month, and the programming should start appearing today.

Most of Pluto's offerings thus far are relatively niche, focusing heavily on web video providers, so maybe this move could help attract a mainstream audience. After all, when you're cord cutting, having something new to watch -- regardless of source -- is better than having nothing to watch at all.

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