Customize your Misfit wearable to match your sense of style

Buyers can pick from four devices with 600 combinations of colors and straps.

The fashion and wearable industries clash like plaid and stripes, because tech companies are not that savvy on style and vice-versa. Misfit has some of the better-designed trackers and smartwatches out there, but it's making a bigger grab for the fashion crowd with a new service called Make Your Misfit. If you order the Phase, Ray, Shine 2 or upcoming Android Wear Vapor smartwatch, you can mix and match from a wide variety of device and strap colors, then quickly see how that looks.

Smartwatch and tracker color options include gray, rose, silver, midnight and champagne, depending on the device. You can pick from sport (silicon), nylon or leather bands in around 18 colors. All told, there are around 600 unique combinations, the company says, withh up to 1,000 available by year's end.

The site is now up, but it might be a bit buggy judging by my brief attempt to use it. However, it seems well-thought-out, making it simple to pick something that matches your summer wardrobe or Lululemon tights. For instance, I was able to quickly pick out a Misfit Phase in midnight black aluminum (above), add a black leather band, and see how it looks (nice) with the final price -- $150 for the device and $20 for the band, for a total of $170.

It's not a surprise that the service strikes the right balance between fashion and tech, considering that watch giant Fossil owns Misfit. Fossil makes many of the watches for fashion brands like Michael Kors, so it's one of the few players with a very wide choice of affordable devices you won't be ashamed to wear in public.