‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Galaxy S8 comes with its own booty chest

Yarrrr going to be disappointed, though.

Samsung's Galaxy S8, released in April, was the success the tech titan needed after the Note 7's spectacular (and flammable) failure. Now safely underway with high sales, the company has included its new smartphone in another time-honored Samsung tradition: Special movie editions. Why buy a boring regular Galaxy S8 when you can get a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed version for $880?

Unfortunately, the actual phone is just a standard Galaxy S8 wtih 4GB RAM/64 GB memory: Unlike the Iron Man and Injustice: Gods Among Us tie-ins of yesteryear, the Pirates edition isn't stylized at all. The plain black device comes in fancy box with a ring fob and phone case styled for franchise's latest movie, Dead Men Tell No Tales, which came out last week. To us, that's a plank-walking offense. If your compass is still set on picking up this scurvy version, it's available now on the Chinese retailer