Apple is using AI to make Siri smarter

Siri will soon have more voices and translate languages in-app.

Apple may have started the digital assistant craze with Siri, but it's largely been playing catch-up lately, specifically to Google and Mountain View's own Assistant. Now Apple's helper has more-expressive voices (both male and female, English and British) and in-app translation features. More than that, Siri can act as a task manager of sorts, offering access to banking in the Citi Mobile app or, for whatever reason, a QR code in WeChat.

And going deeper into Apple's low-key focus on AI, Siri's on-device artificial intelligence and contextual learning will offer up a GPS pin when you're messaging about where you're located. The learning will sync across your different devices and like iMessage itself, will be encrypted end to end.

Apple has mentioned AI in a few different ways, not drawing a ton of attention to it in the way Google did last month, but if you were worried the company wasn't concerned about the latest zeitgeist, you can rest easy.

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