'Horizon Zero Dawn' will get an expansion, 'The Frozen Wilds,' this year

This wilderness adventure is coming soon for one of 2017's best games.

Horizon Zero Dawn is undoubtedly one of the best titles in this console generation, and if you haven't gotten enough of the massive game, Sony has some good news for you. An expansion, titled The Frozen Wilds, is set to launch later this year. An all-too-brief trailer was just shown off at Sony's big E3 press conference -- and as the name suggests, you're fully out in the wilderness here, making your way through a frozen tundra.

The trailer didn't reveal much in the way of gameplay, but the environments, costumes and robotic animals of Horizon Zero Dawn were all unmistakable. And, of course, protagonist Aloy shows up at the end. How this all ties into the main game remains to be seen; this trailer was short and mysterious. But given how good the main game is, the more Horizon fun we can get, the better. Here's hoping there's a demo on the E3 show floor for us to check out.

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