Nintendo Switch update makes it easy to find missing Joy-Cons

You can make paired Joy-Cons vibrate if you can't seem to find the removable controllers.

Nintendo's latest Switch update doesn't exactly come with anything mind blowing, but it has a huge list of improvements people have been asking for. One of those is the ability to find paired controllers by making them vibrate. Unless they're too far into the abyss known as the inside of your couch, that would make it easier to find those relatively tiny Joy-Cons, especially if you have the black ones. Do you use a pro controller instead? Well, take note that the version 3.0.0 update makes it possible to plug it in and use it as a wired option to avoid input lag.

In case what you've been yearning for is getting the latest news for the games you love, all you've got to do is head to News and register channels using the 'Find Channels options.' Nintendo has also made it possible to easily add old 3DS and Wii U friends if you think adding people is a chore -- just find those old contacts through "Friend Suggestions" on the top left of the Home menu.

You now also don't have to struggle with typing on an onscreen keyboard when you can now plug a USB keyboard into the dock. In addition, the latest Switch OS prevents automatic HDMI input changes that happen with some TVs when the Switch is docked in Sleep Mode. Your console will automatically download all these and more when it senses that it's online, though you can always manually start the process in System Settings if you absolutely cannot wait.