Amazon is prepping Echo Show for launch with visual Alexa cards

The AI assistant will respond graphically to questions about music, the weather and to do lists.

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Swapna Krishna
June 22, 2017 10:22 AM

If you're a fan of Alexa, then this announcement might be good news for you. Amazon announced that they are adding a Display Cards feature to the voice assistant that will allow Alexa to respond visually to certain queries.

Alexa will be able to produce visual responses to questions about the weather, to do and shopping lists, your calendar and show you Now Playing information for music. It's currently only available to developers, who can use the AVS Developer Console to enable Display Cards, but it gives us a better idea of what apps will look like across screens in Alexa's new GUI.

This announcement goes hand in hand with the announcement of the Amazon Echo Show, an Echo device with a 7-inch touchscreen that's been criticized for its boxy appearance. It also comes packed with eight microphones, a front-facing camera and a Dolby speaker. You can pre-order the Echo Show now for $230 in the US; it's scheduled to ship starting June 28.

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